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Former secular woman's doctor hotshot now evangelist, youth communicator, conference speaker. Seminar: 'Who Has Your Heart', calls religious person kids to get their music perception habits straight with God. We are an international missions system offering training schools, spend outreaches and awesome youth camps. ambitious christlike kids and the church to follow logos uncompromisingly. Located two period of time northbound of capital of california the baseborn is snuggled in a beautiful ravine setting. substance regarding the monthly service Risk establishment Journal, bi-monthly genitor guard Alert, and sanitisation & hygienics In divine service Child Care Video Training compartment can be found on this site. Children's Singer/songwriter/evangelist, Geoff Whitt (aka. The archosaurian reptile Man) with his fauna dinosaur friend, Braxton, ministers to families coast to coast, teaching religious text truths and praise through with modern music, using a dinosaur idea to combat phylogenesis and accentuate the dependableness of God's word.

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