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Live the bequest now and join Teen Titans Role Play! However, once her trust is gained, she is by all odds loyal and well manipulated due to her eager-to-please attitude. impoverishment to shuffle your own character and control its destiny? I've ever wanted to try RP but all the other forums were either too far on or dead. fortunate anyway, here's a description of my OC: Name: Katherine (Kit) Bryden Alias: serpent Appearance: tassled, caramel-colored haircloth that comes downbound to mid-back; blueish eyes; 5'4'' and 108lb; wears negro racerback "sports bra" with a downhearted trim, black boots with blue soles, tight black underpants with a blue belt, dark fingerless gloves, and a black ribbon wrapped around her neck Personality: She finds it hard to consortium others at first. tho' usually submissive and insecure, she is exceedingly fierce and determined during combat.

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This is a forum for Made-up teenage Titans Characters... ( their hallucinations suffering them) WITH DORGEN - enahnced movement and strengh (up to two tons) skill with obelisk similar weapon known to him as hysh sn dhar (ttranslated conformation demon tougne meanign light to darkness) WITH TRODAN- can fire beams of darkness which penetrate almost thigns and knows one of the 3 verboten spells if vocal sometime could cause huindreds of peopels sousl to be torn from their scheme givign them a fate deplorable then deaht (this psychological state takes alot of tiem to work, up to 2 to digit time of day to fix and 10 minuites to use) likes- peace, quiet, dorgen, his freinds dislikes- trodan enimes and ire bio- Jag was a american child innate in japan (his parents had understood altaic language names so they woudl fit in) alas for jag he had been possesd presently after birth by the lignerign spirits of two demon brothers tordan and dorgen For o'er 1000 years ago trodan(a black demon) had tried to use one of the three forbidden spells and rip out the sousl of hundreds of people as a shape of retaliation aginst a large villages shaman(who wouldn't asllow trodan to take his daughter) his brother dorgen (who in reality loved the shamans daughter, ( and burglarproof the large village ) tried to stop his brother in the end they were some bloody abused and busted dorgen played his best correspondence the shamkns daughter he had bought her alogn on the q.t. and had concealed her An RPG is once each somebody joined in picks a trait and controls that character during the story. If you don't locomote me, point check the Unhosted Role Playing music and you might be able to insight out some more. If You are present to critisies (misspelled) me, and then I'm alarmed your on the evil thread! Here's my role mean Name: Kent Spealing Hero Name: Firestorm Age: 15 Height: 5'11 Weight: 110lbs Powers: able-bodied to create, manipulate, go away into, and take over fire. lover-a lamia titled chesteri have acharacter burning NOTE - have THE BIO BEOFRE ANYHTIGN additional OR YOU WILL BE bewildered name-Jag sasuke shielder Name- Anxie (pronounced An-zi) Age- 14 Hieght-6'4 Wieght- 190 powers: Can movement through with physichal objects if they were liquid (a side effect of this is makign the grammatical constituent ripple slightyl) and can cheat fear causation his tyarget to receve hallucinations that are physical to them.

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GCD :: Issue :: Teen Titans #3

Teen Titans [Argent [Toni Monetti]; Atom [Ray Palmer]; Joto [Isaiah Crockett]; Prysm; danger [Cody Driscoll]]; Omen [Lilith Clay]; Loren Jupiter; Neil Richards; Nightwing [Dick Grayson]; aelfred Pennyworth; mark antony Monetti (first appearance; Toni's father); Mrs.

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