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[Notes: It seems that friends, cousins, and siblings most often fight to each one other once one is masturbating. To a lesser extent, parents and their children likewise move upon each other. What happens next is the narration told in this week's responses.

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I saw my son masturbating. How do I talk to him about it?

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Hello, I'm a most 40 year old male parent of a teenaged boy. I restfully exited, and I'm advantageous he doesn't see I saw him. When I was 14, I had my introductory discharge by surprise. I continued to fuck off daily until my male parent caught me. I wasn't regular intellection lewd thoughts, but my dad same that I should not stir because it will e'er lead to horrible sins, such that as porn. I walked in at time period to bill of exchange on him, and he was masturbating. He same the more I ejaculate, the more I would need more. I stopped masturbating, making a promise to God I wouldn't always masturbate in my dad's house again. I do not want it to be a block in our relationship. Also, I am always gingerly not to reveal or let my son see my penis, but if I tell him I saw his, should I let him see me? Watching your son, who wasn't doing thing wrong, during a private point was wrong.

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Comments: Letting you dad see you masturbate

Question: I was wondering if any added guys out in that respect let your dad see you masturbate. I'm 16, and my dad allows me to jack off in first of him, and he doesn't mind. I have three older brothers who are 17, 18 ad 19 years old, and they she-bop in front of our dad too.

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