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Via TFW2005 component Mr Chaos, we are capable to share a potential itemise of UPCs for the Transformers Studio Series. For those unfamiliar, the apartment Series is a set of toys founded on all the Transformers unrecorded action at law movies, going back and reimagining older characters in a more screen-accurate form. This is the line where we are getting a Leader class Blackout, two new traveller class Starscreams, and so on.

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At the release of this film, 21 year have passed since the lively film came out. In all that time, we've seen two decades quality of cheesy action films, spirited adventures, imaginative sci-fi, and large special-effects development. And with musician archangel Bay fine-tuning his larger-than-life business sort and sense of grandeur, it seems that cinematic causal agency has cumulated in the creation of this epic film.

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New Transformers Toy Listings in Toysrus Computer: Studio Series Movie Toys, Exclusive Thundercracker and More

First off, the new movie form (the premier deluxes location get a different component part number than the TLK stuff): 040172 - transformers premier luxurious - $19.99 4/20/18 040374 - transformers workplace order - $29.99 7/01/18 039360 - gen workplace transformers - $49.99 4/20/18 several micelaneous new stuff, including an item from the bee movie: 039449 - tra energon igntrs pwrpls - $14.26 4/20/18 039988 - tra mv6 hero vision cloak - $49.99 4/20/18 Aaaand lastly some undiscovered exclusives: 040765 - ex transfrmrs rebekh garag - $29.99 01/01/18 040846 - ex tra seeker thundercrack - $29.99 4/13/18 These can be proved by inputting the product codes at your local, US based, toys r us store. The first-born set of listings, while having different names, match the stylish leontyne price points for moving picture deluxes, voyagers and leaders. These are from the coming moving-picture show line which is emotional characters from previous movies, like a "generations" electromagnetic wave but for the live action films. This itemization now helps us understand that what was written on the previously shown Brawl backdrop was "Studio Series".

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