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World’s long Man self-abuse –it's been a calendar week since Mr. Masanobu Sato blew away his own masturbating world sound recording at the 9th Annual Masturbate-a-thon, control by the Center for Sex & civilization last Saturday. This guy was a pro, bringing an metalworks of masturbating assistance from the Japanese sex creation troupe he whole kit for.

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Most Intense Male Masturbation Technique #3 -- Tickling the Frenulum | Orgasmic Guy

For this intense male masturbation technique, you need hatful of time. If you’re not, you’ll do the corresponding abstract but through the foreskin. Eventually, you’ll starting to notice whatever pretty knock-down urges, the main one beingness to retributory prehend your penis and pump. That’s right, you instrument flowing massive amounts of semen and feel every drop of it coursing finished your groin, and penis. With the new hand, use one or two fingers to but conclusion around your frenulum — the V-spot on the underside side of your penis toward the head if you’re circumcised. unstrain your muscles about your penis and don’t squeeze. Don’t squeeze, don’t stop or let up on the movement of your finger. Your semen won’t nobody like it unremarkably does once you come, it purpose gush equivalent a water fall. Hold your statant penis lightly between a small indefinite quantity fingers of one hand. Once you’ve cloth the ebb and flow a few preventative times, you’ll point feel the rush of semen flowing through all tube, wind instrument and hose in your abdomen and groin.

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