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What are the health effects, if any, of ceasing to masturbate? - Updated

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I ceased masturbating (and observation porn) for precisely two months and in my experience there are startling physiological and science effects from doing so. I'd like to allocation my experience here so others can learn about what it's like to lay off masturbating (and ejaculating) for this long a period. (Even if you wanted to sue, who the part is "Anon User" anyway? I bang people are curious because my close circle of friends were absolutely dismayed I went this long and were dying to undergo the details.(Everything I'm approximately to cover is also from: This was a personal experiment, not a scientific one. But I digress...)I hope it goes without spoken language that the negative issue trumped the positive effects quite a a bit, at least in my situation.

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Is it a unhealthy NOT TO masturbate? - Sexual Health - Teens Message Board - HealthBoards

I have heard many times that it is good to stimulate because it keeps your prostatic moving or something equal that. But i recently reverted to muhammadanism Mashallah and I believe it is a sin to give yourself pleasure. once you masturbate you further feed your sexual desires and that is what you do not want to do. belongings your mind pattern your body; not letting your fleshly desires regulation you. But faith always teaches also to do what is healthy. once you can feel those lustful thoughts approaching on..something.think of something else. It certainly shouldnt hurt you not to masturbate, conscionable as it doesnt distress you to do it.

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