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What are the health effects, if any, of ceasing to masturbate? - Updated

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I ceased masturbating (and watching porn) for exactly two months and in my go through there are startling biology and mental event from doing so. I'd wish to apportioning my experience hither so others can get a line about what it's like to stop masturbating (and ejaculating) for this lengthy a period. (Even if you cherished to sue, who the mythical place is "Anon User" anyway? I know people are concerned because my at hand shape of friends were utterly appalled I went this drawn-out and were anxious to know the details.(Everything I'm about to bedclothes is also from: This was a personal experiment, not a technological one. But I digress...)I expectation it goes without oral communication that the negative upshot trumped the positive effects quite a bit, at least in my situation.

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Is it a unhealthy NOT TO masturbate? - Sexual Health - Teens Message Board - HealthBoards

I have heard many example that it is healthy to stir because it keeps your prostate flowing or something like that. But i recently reverted to religion Mashallah and I expect it is a sin to give back yourself pleasure. When you masturbate you advance feed your sexed desires and that is what you do not essential to do. lease your mind rule your body; not lease your fleshly desires prescript you. But Islam forever teaches also to do what is healthy. once you can feel those lubricious thoughts reaching on..something.think of something else. It for certain shouldnt trauma you not to masturbate, just as it doesnt weakened you to do it.

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