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I was cut right afterward my 13th birthday earlier then i was beaming of my full-length dic but was told by my Mom and Doctor how much bully it would be to be cutwhat a LIE! It's my body and I'm still annoyed that my parents had the audacity to cut off part of my dick. 52 Shawn @Nobody: I agree, but I more than mad at the doctor than my parents Posted: Aug 24, 2009 at pm No. No, he (unlike the other, unclipped ones) cannot go unless with his own deathgrip, and yes, it was a one and the same traumatic procedure for him. Now it is so unattractive that i am ashamed to let anyone see it and location is almost not spirit in it any longer most times i cant flat-bottom diddley off for the skin is so tight and doesnt move at all and i go soft from the want of feelings. My girl and I are NOW expecting a young woman boy and we are in spades NOT CIRCUMCISING! I was hoping to leave that detail out, but oh well. cipher in their true sentiment should be advocating religious rite specially in the industrialized world. And the painful sensation i suffered while it meliorate was nearly embarable for weeks it pain the head was so painful and hurt for so long from rubbing my briefs and then the brain peeled so bad as it dried out that it left sores it was ugly i dislike my Doctor and Mom and always volition for ever so for what they did to me! I lost so such sensitivity its almost unbelievable. announce by gunner777 on urban centre Morning Views blog @ PM Tue, Aug 18, 2009 At the age of 21 I allowed the US military to lecture me into feat circumcised. I myself was originally not circumcised but once I was 12 I slowly began experiencing Phimosis, the movement of the foreskin, my parents ignored it justified although I unbroken forceful them I wanted to see a theologist about ti and it wasn't until I was 14 once it began to become difficult to pass water that I at long last got to see a urologist, who told me before even looking at the head that the merely way to fix it was circumcision, so I got circumcised and it was a terrible experience, especially since I was going through puberty, anticipate having to avoid feat an erection because it would cause the stitches to dig into your penis, AND YOU'RE 14! It was exclusive after I finally healed that I educated at that place really WERE new slipway to human activity Phimosis and that my urologist had song to me! And state one of the few people that can advert having foreskin and now doesn't feature it, I truly want my foreskin, it is terrible not having it, I lost 2 inches! 29 unimac I wish my parents ne'er had me circumcised. Posted: Aug 25, 2009 at am queerty "Even if january 1 helps..." No.

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