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Sweden: New Law To Enforce Interracial School Classes On The Way - Page 2 - Stormfront

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After experiencing the social engineering of the 60's here in the U. where six year-old girls were bussed into portion of municipality that police wouldn't go without gag shotguns and having watched England and frg sabotage their culture with immigration, this development in Sweden proves to me that this is an structured plan to ruin Western Civilization. As if combining had not been reliable for decades in the U. Next, the Swedes will implement affirmative action programs at the college, graduate, and activity levels, to, you know, hide awkward truths below the rug. Putting negroes and muslims in appressed proximity to them does not suddenly shuffling them smarter. Why, oh why, are liberals and leftists such fleshed out retards???

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When British Cucks complain about racist American cops - Bodybuilding.com Forums

Rotherham country women were raped by the thousands for decades without investigation alone because they didn't want to be racist. Now they person literal british angry patrol officers impaling white country sloots on the street. Not a sole light guy to be seen in the interracial capital of the entire humanity lmao LMFAO at british people men.

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