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Let's begin by pointing out that there are a few misconceptions inherent in the question. And women's semipolitical theorization is some dynamic and malleable. So, the enquiry is not how one finds a acceptable wife, but rather, how one collaborates in the joint process of fashioning a good enough wife. Now, it's true that this isn't something a man can do on his own.

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A character taxonomic group that shows that not all Republicans/conservatives are stodgy old men and that not all women are Democrats/liberals. Like it says on the label, this character is female, attractive, and virtually e'er blonde. She's as well ordinarily solon "traditional" in her gender expression than her politically opposite peers, although this verbal description is by no means universal.

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Yeah Ainsley, I wanted to say hello, and to mention, you know, uh, a lot of grouping assumed you were hired because you were a blonde proponent sex kitten, and well they're apparently wrong. A character variety that has embellish more mutual in modern geezerhood as her absolute being shows that not all Republicans are stuffy old men (or old maids), and that not all women are Democrats. Like it says on the label, this property is female, attractive, and almost ever blonde. Usually portrayed as more "traditional" in her sex expression than her politically opposite word peers, tho' the characterization is by no means universal.

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