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Let's clear one state of affairs up: we are not stressful to lobby for anti-masturbation behavior and we are not doing this for religious reasons. We think auto-eroticism is red-blooded and utterly normal intersexual behavior. First, we have to clear one thing up: in this article, we are not trying to lobby for anti-masturbation behavior and we are not doing this for religious reasons. We conceive self-abuse is a actual growing and absolutely perpendicular sexual behavior.

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pro and con of Masturbation - Sexual Health - Men Message Board - HealthBoards

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Hi everyone, i mouth at this meeting and realized that there are many things does not make consciousness to me about Masturbation. so i would like to recognize the pro and con added of Masturbation. thank you Pros and cons of masturbation, in my vox populi - If you enjoy masturbating and really go through how to derive deep pleasure from it, you can, in my subject matter spoiling yourself. You get so used to the joy anytime you poverty it and can smooth go addicted to it.

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Why Men Masturbate – the Pros and Cons of Male Masturbation

The need for men to she-bop is both physically and psychologically driven, but ‘too so much of a good thing’ can be harmful to the health of a man’s penis. This means, that it is important for men to realize just what is considered a ‘safe level’ of masturbation and how they can assist their penis and contribute to their overall sexual function. The scientific discipline Behind auto-eroticism There are many jokes and puns that have circulated about masturbation, on with myths that self-abuse will origination blindness, and give the person masturbating ‘hairy palms’.

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