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My friend got wed around two years ago, and during this example he has verboten his mate to execute in front of his brothers, even in hijab, or to speak to them when they visit him. Until now we feature no persuasion what she looks like and we have not expressed a one word to her. A woman has to cover her entire body, including the face, from men who are strangers to her (i.e., non-mahrams). Is this permissible according to sharee’ah or is it extreme? She should detect hijab flat-bottom more strictly in forward of her husband’s young-begetting relatives who are not mahrams for her than in presence of strangers.

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If he says to his wife: O my mother or O my sister, or You are my mother or my sister - islamqa.info

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If a man says to his partner you are my female parent or my sister, or O my mother, point in time is it may be zihaar or it may not, depending on his intention, because the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Actions are but by intentions, and from each one man volition have but that which he intended.” Agreed upon. In most cases a husband says such oral communication as terms of endearment or respect, so it is not zihaar, and the wife does not become haraam for her husband thereby. Ibn Qudaamah (may Allaah rich person compassionateness on him) said in al-Mughni (6/8): If he says: You are to me like my mother, intending zihaar thereby, then it is zihaar, according to almost of the scholars.

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If I had any doubts that it is attemptable for Christian men and women to move wisely, disdain all the pressures from inside and without, I experience exclusively to ambiance at them. In the past, I've mentioned that "I have watched singular men treat single women as 'safe' because they judge of her as a 'sister'" — and they've made her heart hurt as a result. Yet (like me) they're nonmoving learning what this means. No wonder a masculine scholarly person asked me: "Should I be treating single women as sisters or not? You can safely assume that your biological fille does not trust your impractical attention, and thence is status to being led on by you.

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