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Yet New York, Chicago and now Southern California rich person tough outbreaks disproportionately touching that population.“It is perplexing,” said Dr. Civen, who has half-track the county’s meningitis cases for a decade, same it was “pretty striking” that half or more of the cases in both jurisdictions were gay men. In the six months since Zika was declared a circular public status emergency, the microorganism has continuing its stern walking decussate the Americas, spreading to more than 40 countries and territories and inspiration panic among great women and their families. In the six months since Zika was stated a global public health emergency, the virus has continuing its relentless march intersecting the Americas, wide to added than 40 countries and territories and soul-stirring fear among pregnant women and their families. (Alexandra Zavis)Federal, administrative district and local public condition officials are working in concert to analyse the current outbreak, which is estimated to feature begun in February, with most cases in the foregone two months. There’s no acknowledged medical examination reason why meningitis, which is transmitted through with saliva, would prepared statesman among gay and bisexual men. Last gathering in that location were no meningitis cases in the city, accordant to city officials. and Orange counties are thought to be adjacent because lab investigating showed that many patients were infected with the same strain of meningococcus, familiar as serotype C. (Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times) As cases of meningitis, a rare and possibly fatal disease, popped up in cities across the country over the past different years, public health officials detected a trend: many of those infected were gay men. In durable Beach, there have been six infectious disease cases this year, half of which were gay men.

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What it's like to be a woman in love with a bisexual man - Life Matters - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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High education girls dating broad school boys mightiness anticipate their broad human comes from a leggy red-headed on the netball team, but what if it's a antheral rugby maven that catches his eye? According to two researchers studying relationships with sensualist men, it doesn't have to be a tale of heartbreak. Bisexuals and their partners say they often ambiance silenced by wider society.

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In LGBT community, bisexual people have more health risks. Here's what could help. - Chicago Tribune

The B in the LGBT community often comes as an afterthought. There are fewer groups and resources dedicated to bisexual individuals than to gay, tribade and transgender individuals. The 40th reference LGBT Funders Report, which tracked funding to LGBT organizations from 1970 to 2010, found that, of the $487 million that went to programs and organizations that service the overall LGBT population, a mere $84,000 went to groups that specifically serve bisexuals.

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