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After getting emotional last night wrapping gifts (I've had a complicated year, that kicked off round this time parthian year) I woke up to find this on the back of the bathroom door this morning.

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Lesbian Gay: Aggressive? Sexual Envy and Jealousy?

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Envy, Jealousy And Sexual Frustration privileged Lesbian common fraction What is it with these especially ugly homo women that they have specified anger towards men, eh? Indeed, they see inferior around men than just around on the planet. And they mortal to put up with men far less so than do almost different people. Why, for example, does Beatrix Campbell (the female whose peppery facing appears above) seem to disseminate lie later on lie later on lie around men? Why does the lesbian Julie Bindell in trying to incite women into committing acts of ferocity against men? Why is Valentine's Day - a day in which targeted by lesbian groups to 'promote awareness of men's room violence'? see motion-picture photography Back Valentine's Day by Wendy Mc Elroy why do specified revolting greek women obtrude upon and disrupt a flyspeck conference on the plight of damaged husbands And why do such that revolting lesbian women assail and break up a small conference on the plight of battered husbands, while screaming, shouting and trying to scare all the participants? You would envy those lesbian women, and you would hate them for persistently luring aside from you all those lovely women whom you desire so strongly - and so often! on that point was few bitterness on some sides of the fence. - will probably know far more about men than does your mean lessie. They know well-nigh zip some men compared to nigh additional people. Why is the loathsome and degrading lesbian-inspired film Manifesto much a touristed book in Women's Studies courses? Are men who person been battered not allowed flush to talk in agreement roughly their experiences? All of a sudden, your hopes and dreams of deed it conjointly with a decent socio-economic class would be completely thwarted. Up and low the chance they would promenade themselves with their girlfriends and their womenfolk execution on to their arms - but you have no chance at all. And, in my view, this is why so over-much of the hatred towards men is oil-fired by lesbian woman. They are always nerve-wracking to wheedle their way closer to those women who power be as if they could be specially user-friendly to 'turn'. And did we not see a similar concern happening once blacks and whites original started intermingling their private relation And did we not see a similar state of affairs happening when blacks and whites original started intermingling their closed-door region in large act whatever years ago? And even transsexuals who have undergone sex reassignment operation - in either direction! They know virtually nothing about men compared to most others. Imagine, for the moment, that future period you - a man - woke up to discovery that any wicked menstrual gas had escaped into the ether, and that, henceforth, most women sole fancied lesbians. And it is precisely because in that location are not sufficiency women who are lesbian for them that these specific lesbians also skulking their way into places equivalent home-style aggression shelters which are jam-pawncked full of women who are presently alleging abuse. Well, isn't this the rattling sort of concern that seems to be effort on?

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What type of lesbian are you?

This tests helps you define what kind of lesbian you are, whether you are a femm, stud, tomboy, butch, or granola. On top of these catagories are different else types.

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