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Disney celestial body Blumas is Gay, was raped Disney star Trevor Blumas, who plays "Teddy Harwood" in the walt disney human action "Ice Princess," was ill-treated in his teens by the director of the circle he originally formed, and has been under continuous enquiry by Canadian authorities for himself having molested young teen boys, as reported at several web sites and pages currently found on the Internet. hatched in London, Ontario, Canada, Blumas, 20, now resides once more in California. A known gay actor who is now reportedly state coerced into "closeting" himself and lie about his sexuality by Disney publicists because of his checkered past, in his earlyish large integer he defined a reggae-based set which he used to experiment into homosexuality, and was reportedtly molested by the administrator of that band, one apostle "Long John" Goodwin of London, Ontario.

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Michelle Trachtenberg obviously hasn't read the teen star career-progression handbook. It goes: TV series, aristocrat fantasy, teen sex comedy. Trachtenberg managed to skip the middle step on her way from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Eurotrip, but I guess at that factor individual alerted the tween mafia, known in unspecified city district as the Walt Disney Company, because here she is, star as Casey Carlyle, medication unusual person reversed chassis skater, in Ice Princess. Trachtenberg is gawky, yes - but about superhumanly so, when given the chance.

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THE 38TH RHUBARB FESTIVAL — Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

Canada’s longest-running new works festival returns for a thirty-eighth year. Rhubarb transforms Buddies into a situation of experimentation, with artists exploring new possibilities in theatre, dance, music, and carrying into action art. Rhubarb is the place to see the most brave ideas in performance and to catch your favourite artists venturing into uncharted territory.

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