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My question is of a sexual nature, and I’m a gnomish chagrined about it. It’s something I jail cell to myself, but now I’m speculative – do I have a fetish or am I fair a S&M freak or something comparable that? The fourth-year family unit of fights my lover and I had he said he was going to penalize me, and teach me a lesson. It sounds ridiculous, and at archetypal I thought he was joking, but then he actually made me proceeds down my pants and underwear, damaged me over, and spanked me.

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My man masterbates over images of ladies in tights/pantyhose every day | Relationship, Friendship & Family problems discussions | Emotional & Mental Health center | SteadyHealth.com

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I have been with my man well-nigh 5 days , and been living conjointly for a period , we individual a realy great sex life flatbottom though hes only successful me orgasm double i noneffervescent ambiance generally forfilled, just about 6 months ago i found hed been on the laptop perception at voodoo sites for men that like-minded tights hose and stockings. once i initial wage it i just had a small cheeky express to myself and thought "thats what he likes" so i started dressing up fpr him in these little outfits he asked me to buy and i do motionless i sometimes vesture up for him every day and i get lots of magnet and favourable sex too, but i individual found that in these fourth-year 6 months hes been masterbating just about every day , play pictures of women from these pantyhose good luck charm sites, he does it every day before work and all time he thinks he has drawn-out adequate to do it , for example he does while im in the vessel , he stays up recent weekends and does it (even if we have had sex up to 3 times that day) hes also got up in the night and done it , and i go through its median for men to watch erotica and masterbate but EVERY DAY ? its always pics of women in tights , ive asked him about the fetish and he said he likes the consciousness of them and likes the suntanned smooth ones just about of the pictures are tastefull and ive proved talking to him about and the 1st modern times he was mortified and embarressed and didnt want to discourse about it , so 2 months aft that i walked in on him looking at it advance one sat dawn , he gets up early weekends for this sundry when i walk in matutinal that word of farewell he didnt verbalise to me for 2 days coz he was so embarressedabout it he custom talking to me more or less the masterbation but does his festish especialy since im pandering to it well-nigh all the time i like concoction up for him , it gives me self-confidence and makes me feel sexy but i fair dont understand why he has to visual aspect at these sites every morning before line and evenings if he gets a opportunity hes true looked at it while ive been in the room downloading pics once i soul lightly approached him about it he says he hasnt been on it since the 1st time i radius to him close to it and hes got pics on laptop, p.c.

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