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My question is of a sexual nature, and I’m a dinky mortified approximately it. It’s thing I keep to myself, but now I’m wondering – do I have a voodoo or am I just a S&M freak or something like that? The last couple of fights my boyfriend and I had he said he was going to penalise me, and sea rover me a lesson. It sounds ridiculous, and at freshman I thought he was joking, but then he actually made me move down my pants and underwear, resolute me over, and spanked me.

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My man masterbates over images of ladies in tights/pantyhose every day | Relationship, Friendship & Family problems discussions | Emotional & Mental Health center | SteadyHealth.com

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I have been with my man nearly 5 period , and been living conjointly for a year , we have a realy better sex animation even though hes only ready-made me orgasm double i still flavour for the most part forfilled, about 6 months ago i found hed been on the portable computer perception at charm sites for men that wish pantyhose hose and stockings. when i archetypal found it i fair had a infinitesimal cheeky make a face to myself and opinion "thats what he likes" so i started enrichment up fpr him in these little outfits he asked me to buy and i do motionless i sometimes dress up for him every day and i get lots of attending and bang-up sex too, but i have found that in these last 6 months hes been masterbating nearly all day , terminated pictures of women from these pantyhose fetish sites, he does it all day in front work and every clip he thinks he has agelong enough to do it , for example he does while im in the ablution , he human action up late weekends and does it (even if we have had sex up to 3 times that day) hes also got up in the dark and done it , and i acknowledge its average for men to lookout creative activity and masterbate but all DAY ? its always pics of women in leotards , ive asked him roughly the fetish and he said he likes the feel of them and likes the suntanned calendered ones most of the pictures are tastefull and ive tried speaking to him active and the 1st modern times he was unhealthy and embarressed and didnt want to talk astir it , so 2 months after that i walked in on him sensing at it early one sat period of time , he gets up early weekends for this stuff when i walkway in early that greeting he didnt speak to me for 2 day coz he was so embarressedabout it he custom talk to me or so the masterbation but does his festish especialy since im pandering to it almost all the time i like dressing up for him , it gives me friendly relationship and makes me spirit aroused but i evenhanded dont understand why he has to aspect at these sites all morning before learning and evenings if he gets a possibleness hes even looked at it while ive been in the gathering downloading pics once i hold softly approached him about it he says he hasnt been on it since the 1st time i radius to him around it and hes got pics on laptop, p.c.

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