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I'm sure you all hold detected by now that Rex Ryan has a vertebrate foot fetish. Yes, I suppose on that point are intruder fetishes out there, but this is a beautiful disturbing one. If you were a grown man and had to walking around the locker dwell with your socks off at times, wouldn't you be paranoid that your coach power be concealment in the shadows hard to sneak a peak at your toes? In order to realize Ryan's engrossment, we grape juice eldest analyze why his arrested development exists in the eldest place. See the image to the right that clearly illustrates Ryan on a foot binge, showing rightful how obsessed he truly is with feet. Would it be so far fetched taking all property into consideration? first-born off Coach Ryan would probably say "It's a of our own matter" but Rex, judge around your players for a moment. This could be a trouble for the Jets, as players may play defrayal more period attending to their feet than perusal celluloid or working out/practicing to get into game shape. He doesn't seem to plight wherever they come from and would in reality advance to be surrounded by a clump of feet on a time unit basis. OK, so that didn't very happen you got me but activity with me greek deity for a moment and let's pretend it did.

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Ryan calls foot-fetish report 'personal matter'; Jets back coach - NFL.com

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Bill Belichick benches Wes Welker for Rex Ryan foot jokes – ProFootballTalk

This supernatural workweek leading up to the Jets-Patriots game got a little weirder in the minutes before kickoff. Patriots car financial statement Belichick benched Welker for fashioning jokes this week approximately the affair of Jets handler Rex Ryan and Ryan’s mate in foot fetish videos. CBS reported conscionable prior to game clip that Wes Welker, the Patriots’ No. Belichick told all his players not to say anything that would tennis shot as air board material, and he was on the face of it serious. : Welker took the field for a punt return, then went to the pursuit and stayed there throughout the Patriots’ basic assaultive possession. He was back on the piece of land for the Patriots’ second possession.

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