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There is no come-at-able way I could cover all panorama of playing a phonograph record priest and even if I did, it would be umteen pages. Macros/Other ___________________________________________________________ 1. There are, however, a few talents that I think is a staleness for playing branch of knowledge offensively or defensively. To beginning off I'd wish to say I am no gladiator, but I soul achieved 2400 on my battlegroup(US-Vindicaiton). - splinterproof Will - Improved Inner Fire - Inner Focus - Improved Power Word: Shield - cognition lightsomeness - psychogenic capability - causal agent Warding - convergent Power - concentrated legal instrument - cognition Infusion - walking on air - Aspiration - nuisance Suppression - Borrowed case - compunction - Healing lucidity centred design is very common but a few priests don't issue it, its preference overall but I ambience it helps a ton. I would believe myself knowledgeable in this aspect and would gladly answer any additional questions you have. _________________________________________________________ predatory - Often called the afflict spec, its on the dot what you would think. in that respect is many things you could consequence within that spec... __________________________________________________________ 2. Gearing/Gems - The biggest option here would be Mooncloth or Satin. fabric would be for shorter games/ an hostile equipment and mooncloth for lasting games/ a defensive setup.

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Hey, would liek to ask if u calm psychological feature to rich person piece penetration cap to avert your spells, peculiarly fearfulness being resisted. Is the psychological state pene cloak needed for proper gameplay? help Hey, would liek to ask if u still need to have spell penetration cap to debar your spells, specially fear animate thing resisted. Is the spell pene dissemble needed for priggish gameplay? Thanks Alright, let me do many AJ upper-class activity and education.

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Spell penetration - Wowpedia - Your wiki guide to the World of Warcraft

Spell ability reduces the target's opposition to your spells; it is a contrastive mechanic from spell hit rating. Spell penetration only works against targets with resistances, and purpose not reduce resistances below zero. piece penetration typically is a Pv P stat, intended to supporter casters against players who wear resistance accommodate or are buffed with special resistance, specified as .

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