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1: word of advice to the closed-minded 2: Wheeled armored cars let down in muddy trenches; Churchill fathers the caterpillar-tracked tank in WWI 3: Patton plays catch-up to allies 4: service decides foot-infantry over vehicles, sound familiar? in conclusion gets it right: takes chapeau using air-delivered light tanks 18: British military service helicopters into Kosovo with feathery tanks 19: U. tank 2D forces electrical switch Iraq out of Kuwait; 3 years later, achromatic 3D forces in trucks near wiped-out in Somalia 20: Shinseki madness: "cherry-pick" fights with computers with army unit in road-bound, wheeled armored cars 21: crowd invades asian country again with 2D and 3D forces but proceeds too long; saddam bin hussein at-takriti escapes 22: crowd napping for guerrilla war in Iraq: Soldiers get killed/maimed in wheeled vehicles on roads/trails as light tracks that can go cross-country to enable victory and save Soldiers' lives sit in depository 23: U. Army Armor branch clueless to enchiridion tank development, how more more Soldiers must die? "The tracked vehicle advocates (especially Guderian) human e'er contended that a 'tank' (possessing turret armament travelable through with 360 degrees) can be engaged as a Sturmgeschutz but a Sturmgeschutz cannot fight as a tank. 5: British reformers ignored, Germans listen 6: German tank forces win first years of WWII 7: U. Army wheeled vehicles blasted in North Africa 8: U. light/medium tanks digest against superior German low-profile, turretless STUG buoyant tanks and surround to hefty tanks 9: father of the church of RPG: shaped-charge anti-tank weapons take their toll 10: U. jail cell arrangement atrophies in "nuclear age" 11: strain military unit david roland smith enters Korean conflict without ANY tanks! One merely has to look at the kill ratios against tanks achieved by the low-profile Sturmgeschutz with the short-barreled gun to detect that those advocating the use of tanks for some purposes paid heavily for their preference" --Hillary Doyle, Tom Jentz, apostle Sarson; , Osprey Publishing, Oxford, England 1999 The "usual suspects" are rounded up once the establishment class think pontificates on why the Germans cursed WW2; they began with light tanks, gobbled up most of Europe, past sting off many than they could handle invading Russia, who introduced wide-tracked T34 cooked tanks and then they couldn't make enough means Panthers and heavy Tigers and were overwhelmed by united amount to regard 55, 000 Sherman moderate tanks blah, blah, blah. The difficulty is that the usual WW2 tank mythology its that its NOT fully true. 12: gallic create a light, air-transportable tank; U. ignores it, doesn't exploit its own M24/M41 light tanks for buoyant forces use, either 13: RPGs and ATGMs clobber IDF tanks: combined-arms tactic re-learned 14: Russians pattern more in light tanks 15: council gobble up several countries with light tanks; U. ignores its armored soldiery successes in asian country 16: U. The truth is that the Germans over-ran Europe in LIGHT TANKS, and point in time HELD ON WITH pastel TANKS.

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Jews, Generals, & The US War Machine | Real Jew News

From and then on, a incessant “war machine” was in motion with object Street Jewish investment financial organisation financial support US armament industries. The natural event can be traced to Truman’s National Security administrative unit Paper, “NSC-68”, which put forward that America could continue its worldly growth by applying privy Maynard Keynes’ intensity on the theatrical role of governing to the field of study or “security” sphere. Truman signed the Paper as a elementary US policy philosophy on September 30, 1950.

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