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Relative to battlegrounds or world Pv P, "cap" may be short for "capture," the capturing of an objective or object, specified as a graveyard, flag, or tower. Many of these objectives postulate living thing physically held, such as a flag, or preserved dominance, in the case of a tower. "Cap" may likewise come to to the horizontal cap, or the highest grade that can be presently obtained. During the release of human race of Warcraft, the steady cap was 60.

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Spell penetration reduces the target's immunity to your spells; it is a different mechanic from enchantment hit rating. Spell perception only whole caboodle against targets with resistances, and will not cut down resistances under zero. work shift penetration typically is a Pv P stat, intended to resource casters against players who wear resistivity appurtenances or are buffed with redundant resistance, such that as .

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