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A boylike mates engaged in unisexual intercourse on stage during a live performance by the Norwegian circle THE CUMSHOTS at the imperial capacity unit festival in Kristiansand, scandinavian country beforehand today (July 6). Tommy Hol Ellingsen, 28, and Leona Johansson, 21, who are same to be members of the reformer group Fuck For The Rainforest, were called up on phase by THE CUMSHOTS grounds singer, Kristopher Schau, and proceeded to someone sex on platform to the crowd's applause, as the band played on. Local politicians in the religious stronghold of Kristiansand are outraged by the incident, and the police are currently considering an investigation.

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This is quite an disturbing and a believably a bit graphical for some. This act of public sex took noesis latterly in Tabuo, Portugal. The fact that the family unit engaged in coitus extracurricular of the bedroom isn't really what has mass upset.

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Couple had sex on stage during concert

Controversial Kristopher Schau loves to shock his audience, and few knew what was in sales outlet for them as they went to his square up at the british capacity unit sound festival. In the middle of the concert, a young pair entered the stage.«How far are you unforced to go to deliver the world? » asked the childlike man, and without much ado, the couple force off their clothes.

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