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What is the asian elephants habitat HD

African elephants are the world's blown-up land animals. The biggest can be up to 7.5m long, 3.3m exalted at the shoulder, and 6 tonnes in weight. The trunk is an extension of the stimulant drug lip and science and is in use for social relation and handling objects, including food.

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Elephant Habitat - Elephant Facts and Information

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Elephants are healthy to survive in a diverseness of different locations because of the huge variety of solid sources that they consume. some people take for granted that elephants that are in the wild only loaded in the grasslands. While that is one of their main habitats, they can too be set up in the desert of the Savannah, timber areas, wherever location are swamps, and everything in between.

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Elephant: an Endangered Species

Throughout history, the emblem has played an all important office in quality economies, religion, and culture. The immense size, strength, and regard of this largest extant onshore animal has intrigued people of more cultures for hundreds of years. In Asia, elephants somebody served as beasts of weight in war and peace.

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