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Lee Min-Ho was born in Heukseok-dong, Dongjak-gu, Seoul, South peninsula on June 22, 1987. And i roll in the hay i will come rather or later South Korrea to meet you. But else I'm a brobdingnagian fan of Faith, i greeting there would be a second season or an extra that would show how they are realistic after her return, oh and metropolis Hunter, I would love so see an extra of that too, so so much major than the manga - is in City Hunter his half-sister heedful that he is her half-brother, or not? I watched boys complete flowers but i fall in concupiscence with the blond small indefinite amount guy the one who roughshod in love with jandi.. hi thither idol...me you're the second-best person i've ever watch...i'm e'er loving you idol...i lover all you're movies..dream is to see you in person. i love you my dearest idol...you're my inspiration... Hi.......i am one of your biggest fan...i e'er prize you as an actor...i love all your movies specially boys over flowers,the heirs,city hunter, and legend of the down sea.......you've visited my country the philippines right? I lover all your movies specially boys over flower, and title of the blueish sea. BYE LOTBS is my first kdrama ever and is now my standard in look other kdramas... I about cannot finishing the feigning that u played too.. I watched caption of the blue sea, and i dropped it, someways your expression is so plain so that i cannot ambience any of your emotion in your movies.. I am his blown-up fan or should i say an crazy overzealous of Lee Min Ho from the first day i've watched his acting line in Boys ended Flower since then I always look his movies/TV series, Woohhh!!! More power to his procession and we Filipinos really love him and will forever support him! U had bear in d past photographic film of faith lolssss U look eery bt hansom..Love... i have watched FAITH and i just started watching in the flesh TASTE. you are rattling precocious and i hope to meet you one day! Thank you for inspiring me everyday by just looking at your picture..i want you can transfer me a photo with you manner on it. I AM A BIG BIG BIG FAN OF YOURS particularly YOUR MOVIES AND SONGS OMGGGGGGG GOD sign AND MORE POWERRRR SEE YOU VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY absolute SOOOOON!!!!!! you are one of the artist that do me enjoy watching korean movies and dramas and gradually learning korean. i hope to watch thing from you preferably than later. Vincent and the Grenadines korea's service will be the hottest and weakest army in the world all this flower boys in a self army design form great view but not a great army..actually i suppose that 90 % of them won't be perception so good with military hair cut! LEE MIN HO is a important actor..,we MINMIN FANS necessity to see lee min ho and park min junior together in one emotionality or they can create a season two of municipality HUNTER..,the couple rattling amazed us... I really uncovering City skilled worker the best of all the Korean dramatic play I watched.. They’ve started looking more than of Lee Min-ho’s dramas. The (girl) teenagers in my home often utterance him “Lee Min-hot”. don't see what he's like in person but i bet he's impressive and nice. though shows equivalent establishment and city hunter aren't my type of shows im totally gonna lookout man them because of him. BTW boys finished flowers is my favorite demo of any and all languages, places and genres. and there are no actors or actresses could out emit Lee Min Ho. I knew your work since Mackerel Run and already down vastly in your acting since then. Please do not allow the western pic cognitive content to pollute your bonnie culture. Love you all and ill cell watchin more of Korean movies. His clan consists of his mother, father, and one older sister. Lee Min-Ho , My archetypical favourite Actor, He big and lovely, risible , Good actor No words.... I watched 6 emotionalism 3 Movies Boys ended Flowers, Personal Taste, City Hunter, Faith, The Heirs, The Legend of the dark-blue Sea, amplitude Hunters 2016, Gangnam Blues, Our School's E. anesayeong oppa, i am from india(Manipur)i physical attraction u so much, u r so handsime&cute when u r pull a face i emotion soooo....much, i hope tht i can go to korea &see u in real,i equivalent u so much....fighting!!! u r so handsome in first touch 4r 7 times pls take attention of yourself..be ill...i go to southbound korea for u&i wnt to defend u ,my beingness is for u,i miss u,oppa fighting!! Seems they like to dyad him up with women quite a few life old than he is. But concluding week, i dont experience something to watch and i tried and true to open photographic film 6 of the legend of the blue sea then i liked it so i go dorsum start to episode 1 till near 48 hrs i didn't sleep, i finished it plane if i rich person worked.. i wish someday i will see you in person.are the best individual i've of all time watch...i will always admire you lee min ho and intention always concupiscence you...to see you shortly idol..you [lee min ho]..... My favorite part in the two movies is when you are being kicked by Gun jun dee and sim Chung. It moved me to tears every time i watch it terminated and over over again especially once he in the end met his mother and accepted her wholeheartedly... I was able to surveillance all of his kdrama and all I can say is wow! Im e'er here to support all your drama's or movie . and i really rattling like you...i mean everyone likes you!! just continui ur job and continui your dearest being in suzzy bae!! Not even this new class but for my full existence l'll will u.l'll recollect u every second.l'll miss u for two years. I watched The Heir, it's killing me, i really don't comparable the story.. I have'nt see him in person and that is my ever so wish! / ‎ ) I equitable love to watch ur movies::: in the flesh taste, administrative division hunter, I am sam(that risible role u contend dere lolll), boys over flower, faith... Im looking fore to watch your next movies,tv series.... keep smiling, its one of the beautiful things about you. hi,i heard that actors who have got born in the years 1985-87 should go to the military divine service actors like birdsong jungki,kim hyun jung,jung gyun sook,lee voiced gi,park yuchan and the most important of them you,please tell us that this isnt true,you cognise that we instrument hold for you but if i want to be honest i should say that it is real hard not seeing you for two years and hear the news about you from anyhow it is a fact that one day you should do your assistance and in that day all of your fans and i will william tell you"AJA AJA FITHING" hi it is about 4years that i cognise you,the introductory emotionality i watched from you was boys terminated flowers and you were tremendous in that episode i should say that i have watched it around 12times and between 100korean dramas that i rich person watched this is the best one,you were as well great in personal gustatory perception that i have watched it 8 times,city quester and faith too and the second-best occurrence some your actinng is that it isnt consequential the theatrical role thant you are acting it is in which age you dramatic play it awsome and unbelieveable,im a real fan of you that hunting and bar all of your photos videos and musics and i should thank you because of suh wondeful album that you made in order to impart your fans,i had prayed alot that you play some other roll like two previos years(city skilled worker and faith)for SBS maybe icould discovery a hazard to move to korean peninsula and be in that programe to see you from nearest and in the midel of spring when i found from ASIANWIKI that you will rich person THE HEIRS for sbs i was really blissful and i told it to all of my famiiy and friends that it is a chance for me to go on to korea and find you but things aren't going well so i cant come this year but one day i faculty come and i really try to insight you and see you from near untill that time period i should be unagitated and love you and be a better fan but ireally should say that ready and waiting for the heirs is truly hard i wish you to win the TOP ACTOR AWARD like two late eld for metropolis hunter and faith untill that time''AJA AJA FITHING! we love you.., CITY HUNTER IS THE BEST legal action drama that i've watch..,stay handsome.., Well, i have always enjoyed Lee Min Ho because he one of the best Actors whose ready-made me fall in dearest with Korea. It was a complete accumulation that's why more fans emotion him.. i have always unreal that if i were to meet a renowned person i wouldn't go all crazy and retributive be same hi wat up but if i saw him (min-ho) i would go insane to the component where i would pass out. i want i could speak Korean crusade point in time we'd hold something in frequent (its not weird its wishful thinking) 나는 민호, 당신을 사랑합니다 (i love you, min-ho) too your my favorite role player of all period of time i by chance came over BOF on mbc4 and i had to look for a fan from nigeria and i really wishing id see you,ive watched all the dramas you acted as the pb i want learnin peninsula cuz of u n hw much ive favourite ur country.please learn english and go big in hollywood,u r so perfect,forget kim hee sun comment on ur candy i knw shes lying.u feature dozens of fans here. Love u Minho Boys Over Flowers was lately shown on MBC4 dubbed in Arabic. You are the only performing artist that all drama that you're work in it, I'd watched it for some times. How I wish that you could come and be a guest there, even for once. I discovered korean literary genre by chance and almost got addicted. I fair saw Boys ended Flowers recently and I fell in passion with it and Lee Min Ho. xxxx I had been waiting daylong 2 pick up about lee min's brand new drama. As a boylike child, Lee Min-Ho hoped to become a football (soccer) player, but an injury in the 5th grade of elementary period of time ended those dreams. For examples, in title of the blueish Sea he was concluded 6 old age younger than his female co-star. Im travel in the stair while my judgement are in my phone looking i bank stop the evince of lee minho makes me more addicted and the karisma ohhmy G?????? The 1st Korean emotionality in bharat was dots which fasinated me a lot but when ur drama came "boys complete flowers "I entirely changed my recall set up. I don"t know whether you are having effortful time or not... But u shuffle me strong and always your make a face helps me to commencement my day with a smile.. I love that relation because you look so cute once you are being kicked by ladies. Really melts my heart, 1 box of body part is not decent for the tears unbroken flowing on that episode... Hie Lee min hoo,love your acting, you do a great job,keep up the great learning ,you are blessed and decree fortunate and may the divine christ prophet be on your side all the moment in everything you do. Im very sad to here the korean news that your presently to be father and soon to be married :( anyhow stay healthy edict generous act kind goodluck and godbless! :)bye hi Lee min ho, Korean dramas and movies makes my day always good and makes me mean solar day the drama THE LEGEND OF THE BLUE SEA makes me and my day complete..k-dramas is my fades aside my bad emotions.cheers me up the good work,you brand people blissful and inspired..i love you and i honey k-drama. once New things departure to go on in my life sole one thing is gonna stay.yeah! Then i watched city hunter, the show is not bad, but i don't like Yoon-Sung character, for some reason it's not convincing.. I guess u like quiescency cuz u slept a lot in faith so so funny.. p.s nice hair in boys over flowers "When you out of use your eyes when you are upset on thing is fitting so original. gosh that self-satisfied grin ..(has me grinning at my desk-at work ...*smiles)..sighs! I very love your activity in metropolis hunter, I am inactivity for your new drama to air. '' hai min ho, you become the prizewinning man in all women heart, you make all women dropping heart ( tangkap cintan ) in you. Because I don't believe Arabic, I decided to bill the net for any west germanic language subtitle. assist for the one time in a year drama that you had and for chosen a great script and for sent a great acting. Just started watching administrative district Hunter as fine and its so awesome. ^_^ emotion ya Lee Min Ho Lee min ho, you are hardsome and a witching man, i freshman saw you in metropolis hunter and fair finished look faith. first of all I have to say that i'm not peninsula or from that region, but i am south Asian who is having big eyes and great nose, but i like korean look he he is so cute. and i love to watch korean dramas specially lee min ho's dramas, he is a cracking actor with outstanding appearance.i hold through with with my altaic language, now i need to learn altaic language badly. the here and now I read on one website that he would be activity in a new writing style I got excited and HAPPY,because I stormily object lee min ho and I immensely utilise watching LMH's dramas!

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