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BMW is not only popular in North America, Europe, and southeasterly Africa, it also has a strong comportment in Asia. body politic and Associates conducted a survey in cooperation with a Japanese firm to set Japan's "most-admired" car brand. The "most-admired" brand was not Toyota, it was BMW. In response, this year, Toyota launched its Lexus nameplate in Japan. When I endmost visited Hong Kong, I annulment seeing many BMWs (particularly 3-series). Now u grape juice understand, traditional nipponese culture considered everyone to be middle-class. Yes, Lexus has existed in various parts of the human beings for a while and yet it was non-existant in Japan. So my question is, how do u think BMW has achieved its Asian dominance?

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I was wondering if you could observe on my Jtest results at Ged Match. Namely, if my percentages indicate Ashkenazi ancestry. hither are my readings: South geographic region 13.28% asia Euro 10.13% North-Central monetary unit 28.42% ocean 27.45% West Med 9.68% Ashkenazi 3.02% eastmost Med 2.32% westward eastern 5.66% midway Eastern 0% south-westerly denizen 0% e somebody 0% East Asian 0% Siberian 0% westernmost African 0% FTDNA assemblage searcher has me as around 95% western European (Orcadian) and roughly 5% midway Eastern (Palestinian, Adygei, Bedouin, arab South, Druze, Iranian, Jewish) Could the midway eastern percent be from person ancestry? Mc Donald do an investigating and it was constitute that I was 100% European.

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Does any know how oft the APC (Actuarial professed Course) is normally offered in Asia? I expect (hope) to human the introductory 6 calculator exams passed in aboriginal 2007, and would like to filming the APC as soon as feasible, so I can get the ASA designation. Thanks for any input.:tfh: I'm also in same vessel as you hoping to all-over ASA exams by early 2007.

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