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One title lonesome 1 transcription major G C 2/2 No chords explore more... X:1 T: folk dancing Pique C: Traditionnel, abc single file by Bernard Loffet L:1/8 Q:420 M:2/2 K: G [D2G,2][G2G,2][B2G,2][G2G,2]|[D2G,2][G2G,2][F2D,2][E2D,2]|[E2D,2][F2D,2][A2D,2][F2D,2]|[E2D,2][F2D,2][D2G,2]G,2|[D2G,2][G2G,2][B2G,2][G2G,2]|[D2G,2][G2G,2][F2D,2][E2D,2]| \ [E2D,2][F2D,2][A2D,2][F2D,2]|[E2D,2][F2D,2][G2G,2]G,2|[B2G,2]G,2[G2G,2]G,2|[D2G,2][G2G,2][F2D,2][E2D,2]|[A2D,2]D,2[F2D,2]D,2|[E2D,2][F2D,2][D2G,2]G,2| \ [B2G,2]G,2[G2G,2]G,2|[D2G,2][G2G,2][F2D,2][E2D,2]|[A2D,2]D,2[F2D,2]D,2|[E2D,2][F2D,2][G2G,2]G,2| \ K: C Z: Created with Tabl Edit tune quester is a search engine for family tunes in ABC notation. You can contact [email protected] any questions or comments. For a more than elaborated search, take a visual aspect at the kinds of collection page. I love hearing from people who use the computing device and feedback is always welcome.

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Cette amicale, comme son nom l'indique, a pour objet de regrouper les (heureux) utilisateurs de matriel d'mission-rception Drake, de fournir une officer par le biais du site, de crer un lien, de cognition connatre et d'changer autour de notre exprience. Il n'y a pas de cotisation ou autre formalisme, y contribue celui qui le souhaite, aucun caractre obligatoire quoi que ce soit, on ne peut pas faire plus simple. I ran four Drake 4 serial lines for six years in the 60's on autostart RTTY.

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One title Only 1 biological process major G C 12/8 No chords explore more... X:1 T: Rond de l'ile d' Yeu C: Arbadtorne, Extrait du disque "Djess", musique Maxime Chevrier, fichier abc : Bernard Loffet L:1/8 Q:330 M:12/8 K: G z8z3A |: [A2A,,2A,2]c [B2A,,2A,2]A [GG,, G,]FG [E2A,,2A,2]A | [A2A,,2A,2]c [B2A,,2A,2]A [G3G,,3G,3] [E2A,,2A,2]E | \ [A2A,,2A,2]c [B2A,,2A,2]A [G3G,,3G,3] [E2A,,2A,2]E :|: [A2A,,2A,2]A [A2A,,2A,2]B [c C,, C,]cc [c2C,,2C,2]d | \ [B2E,,2E,2]B [B2E,,2E,2]c [B3E,,3E,3] [A2A,,2A,2]A/A/ | [A2A,,2A,2]c [B2A,,2A,2]A [GE,, E,]FG [EE,, E,]AA | \ |1 [A2=F,,2=F,2]c [B2F,,2F,2]A [G3G,,3G,3] [E2A,,2A,2]E :|2 [A2=F,,2=F,2]c [B2F,,2F,2]A [B3G,,3G,3] [A3A,,3A,3] | \ K: C W: Created with Tabl Edit by Bernard Loffet Folk melody view finder is a search engine for folk tunes in ABC notation. You can touch [email protected] any questions or comments. For a author detailed search, issue a look at the kinds of information page. I love reach from group who use the site and feedback is ever welcome.

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