Best Pastry Ideas for the Winter

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Winter is the time to cozy up in front of the fire with a good book and a delicious treat. A pastry is so comforting with a mug of one’s favorite hot beverage. The following is a list of the best pastry ideas for the winter:

  • Apple Pie Danishes

Danishes are a delicious treat. They go well with breakfast or as a snack. Apple pie embodies the fall and winter essence when there are holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Everything seems a little better with a hint of apple pie in the day.

  • Bearclaws

People are expending more energy during the winter. It is just difficult in general to stay warm. So many people take to the slopes to enjoy the fresh powder instead of huddling inside. But they will need those high energy treats to keep them going. What could be better during a break from the cold than to have a fresh bear claw? And the treat is virtually guilt free considering all the activity one is getting in the mountains.

  • Chocolate Croissants

Imagine a morning that is so cold and it is so hard to get out of bed. But that morning is made much easier if a person has a fresh chocolate croissant waiting in the kitchen. People love this treat any time, but it is especially appetizing in the months of winter. Everyone is dressing up for the cold and no one is worrying about if their breakfast will give them a flat stomach.

  • Mini Strudels

Strudels is a flaky treat that is enjoyable after meals. Having a few of these around the kitchen to pack into winter lunches can help to brighten up the mood of the meal.

There are so many great pastry ideas for winter. This list embodies the classics that no one can live without. And during winter’s cold, a pastry is likely to warm up the heart.