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Top Tips to Not Fail with Your Pastries


Pastries definitely require a lot of time and patience to come out looking and tasting like expected, hence why a lot of people just opt to purchase them at their nearest grocery store. One thing is certain: Nothing can compare to homemade pastries. If you are thinking about creating this type of edible, but you […]


The History of Pastries


Pastry is a dough that is mainly made by mixing flour, water, and shortening. Depending on the preparation it can be savory or sweetened. The mixture in pastry is usually rolled flat and often draped around or put over or under other baked foods such as pies and strudel. The term pastry covers a variety […]


Caramel almond apple tarts!


Only three markets left in the season. Better get it while you can. Caramel almond apple tarts!


Best Pastry Ideas for the Winter


Winter is the time to cozy up in front of the fire with a good book and a delicious treat. A pastry is so comforting with a mug of one’s favorite hot beverage. The following is a list of the best pastry ideas for the winter: Apple Pie Danishes Danishes are a delicious treat. They […]

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10 Tips for making great pastries


For you to perfect pastry, persistence and practice is key. Below are some ten tips which work greatly while making pastries. Cold hands. While you are making pastry it is required that everything should be cold your hands included. This aids in lessening any possibility of the fat becoming greasy. Therefore, as you make pastry […]

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