10 Tips for making great pastries

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For you to perfect pastry, persistence and practice is key. Below are some ten tips which work greatly while making pastries.

Cold hands.

While you are making pastry it is required that everything should be cold your hands included. This aids in lessening any possibility of the fat becoming greasy. Therefore, as you make pastry work on your hands to ensure the temperatures are low. If your hands are warm, hold the hands below running cold water for some time then you dry them through patting. In addition to this factor, although chilled butter is recommended for some pastries, you can butter which is softer over butter which is freezing.

Egg wash

Eggs are used for giving the pie some glossy top. Use the eggs before cooking and when you getting the pie from the oven.


Give the pastry sometime for it to rest. Wrap the pastry in Clingfilm them keep it in the fridge for about thirty minutes. Before putting the pastry in the fridge, pat it to required shape such that as you get it out of the fridge it is neatly rolled since its becomes so firm for rolling when kept in the fridge.

Pie dish lining

Roll your pastry loosely on the pin for rolling then unroll it the middle of the pie dish. Use your fingertips to press the pastry to the corners without stretching it. Take some time before baking for prevention of oven shrinkage of the pastry.

Pastry lid

Press together the trimmings achieved after pie dish lining then roll the pastry out. Use beaten egg to brush off the sides of the dish. Trim any excess then use the edges for sealing the pie. Make a ripped hole to close it completely in oven.


This is to ensure firm sealing of the edges as it bakes. Make the crimps deeper to ensure holding throughout baking. Leave it for like ten minutes after crimping for it to hold up.


Decoration is more of giving the pie a unique personality. Before application of any decoration, use a beaten egg to glaze the pie.

Make use of Hot Oven

Before putting your pastry, pre-heat the oven to about 425 F for cold oven will not cook but melt the pastry.

Crispy the bottom of the pastry

Most people like it when the pastry is crispy. As the pie heats up, place baking sheet which is heavy then place the pie on heated tray.

Work quickly

While making pastry do it quickly to make it lighter since butter is not required to get warm hence heavy and greasy.